Paid Media Cube


Not all PPC traffic is the same

That means each traffic channel represents a different dimension. Your traffic has two dimensions. 

  • Dimension #1 - Traffic Channel. This represents where the buyers can be reached. Examples include paid search, paid social, or display.
  • Dimension #2 - Buyer Stage. Each traffic channel has buyers in different stages such as decision, consideration, and awareness. This represents another dimension at the buyer stage level.

Two-dimensional traffic represents an opportunity and a challenge

If your paid media strategy is based on only one dimension, you are in a big trouble. Here is why. There are a few things are likely happening:

  • Your traffic is too expensive. You are relying on one traffic channel. So are your competitors. Auction based bidding drove the prices up, and now it’s impossible to compete profitably.
  • You’re not getting enough traffic. Your primary traffic source does not have enough users, and cannot support your business objectives.
  • Your PPC traffic is not efficient. Your strategy is the same for all traffic channels and/or buyer stages. Your conversion rates are tanking because buyers are not responding to the same offer.

Introducing Paid Media Cube

To better visualize the complexity of two-dimensional traffic, we’ve developed a concept called Paid Media Cube. Take a look:

Image 4 - Traffic-Cube.png

Paid Media Cube represents the PPC traffic channel (top dimension) and buyer stage (left dimension) in squares. Notice a few things about the Paid Media Cube:

  • Each square represents a different type of buyer (based on the channel they are on) in a different buyer stage.
  • Colors represent the buyer intent of the traffic. Cold means low intent and pink means high intent.
  • Since each cube targets a person with a different buying intent and on different traffic channel, it needs a different strategy.

Three Benefits of Using Paid Media Cube

  1. Traffic Volume. Grow your paid media traffic in a structured way by estimating the potential traffic volume for each cube.

  2. Conversions. Improve your conversions by creating personalized offers for each cube.

  3. Analytics. Improve your analytics by tracking performance for each cube.

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