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We are a team of critical thinkers who are passionate about sustainable growth. Learn who we are, meet the team and explore career opportunities.

why we started

Our mission to help businesses achieve growth

SCUBE started in 2009 by Tom Bukevicius with a mission to help businesses achieve sustainable growth.

The inspiration came from a video on Myspace that Tom discovered through his music hobby. The video was about the power of search engines and their potential to drive business growth.

This video turned the search engines into Tom’s obsessions, which turned into a series of weekend projects, which ultimately led to starting SCUBE.

We attracted a team of critical thinkers who are passionate about great work and have many interests outside of work.
At work we are focused on delivering results, being straightforward with each other and having each other’s back.

Outside of work we are parents, chefs, sports fans, music lovers, travelers, and pet lovers.


Passion for great work, deep knowledge and progress.


Keep promises, be resourceful and adapt to client needs.


Have each other’s back, give feedback and respect.


Communicate openly, be straightforward, do honest work.


Set realistic expectations,
be effective at work, and enjoy life.

what we believe in

SCUBE values

Our values drive our SCUBE’s mission to give shark fins to our golden fish customers. Our actions over a decade to formed our values and attracted like minded individual.


Our motto is to give shark fins to our little fish customers

We mainly work with ecommerce divisions of D2C Brands, B2C Retailers, and B2B Distributors. We help them grow by starting, optimizing and scaling paid advertising programs on PPC, Shopping & Social Advertising channels.

We are a relatively small but highly effective team. We don’t call ourselves rockstars or have fancy titles, but we are good at what we do.

Looking for a team of professionals?

Our professionals will craft your paid media strategy and execute it to grow your business.

Managing Partner
Account Strategist
Team Manager
Paid Search Account Manager
Sr. Performance Specialist
Performance Specialist
Paid Search Account Manager
Team Lead
Performance Specialist
Sr. Performance Specialist
Account Manager
Paid Search Account Manager
Head of Partnerships

Would you like to join our team?

To maintain high performance culture, we are very selective about hiring. Each candidate has to demonstrate that they can do great work and be a pleasure to work with.

We are proud to call ourselves a remote team. Our team members are free to work in the places they are most productive at whether it’s an office, home, co-working space, cafe, library or a beachfront.



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