What clients say about us

SCUBE gave us the ability to reach new fans beyond our traditional endemic audiences and bolstered the brands reach with strong results in a short period of time.

Steve DeMars

Director of Operations, Hoonigan Industries

SCUBE created an excellent strategy that enabled Brandable Box to reach a 2x return on ad spend within four months - beyond faster than expected. In an already competitive environment, SCUBE helped drive high-quality conversions in the custom box space. SCUBE delivered detailed plans, analysis and results consistently over the last four months.

Derrick Jaros

General Manager, Brandable Box

Working with SCUBE has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had in business. Because of our resultant revenue growth and the decrease in advertising costs, we are now able to embark on a campaign to grow our presence in other areas.

Brooke Kauffman

Project Manager, American Medical Resource Institute

SCUBE gave us the tools we needed, in the forms we needed them, so we can now make data-driven decisions that directly impact revenue. Your level of helpfulness and willingness to understand our specific needs was above and beyond what I’ve experienced working with other companies.

Meaghan Thomas

Director of SEO, MyUS.com

SCUBE Marketing’s efforts have resulted in historic sales numbers and increased brand awareness. The team successfully prepared methods to advertise a challenging product. An involved project manager and principal ensured a smooth and collaborative engagement.

Kevin Hong

VP of Marketing, Chicago Brick Oven

With SCUBE we saw improved results almost immediately and continued improvements towards maximizing our Google Ad campaigns. They have always been very responsive to any questions or needs we have and work closely with us to identify and achieve our goals. They’re also always willing to take the time to go through the results with us and explain their thinking and strategies. We have enjoyed working with SCUBE and consider their efforts as a critical part of our website’s sales and marketing strategy

Scott Badger

President, Lupine Pet

PPC in e-commerce is a tricky field to navigate. You also have many “PPC” companies who can easily manipulate ROAS numbers to show you what you want to see by massaging the data.  
Of all the teams we evaluated, SCUBE was the only PPC company that was honest and upfront about the approach they take to PPC.  
We have been very pleased with their performance and I would highly recommend their services to any e-commerce company serious about improving their PPC results.

Sam P.

Owner, Party Supply Retailer

They are able to explain our results and options in a manner that is easy to understand, and they do an excellent job of making sure that we are achieving and exceeding the goals we have set for our campaign while also getting the most value out of our budget.

Jacqueline Gordon

Marketing Team Member, CRC Industries

Successful search marketing in complex B2B markets is no easy task. Scube’s ability to understand the nuances of complicated channel and product dynamics and know when to step away from common B2C/D2C approaches was instrumental in the current and continued success of this campaign. At DH+ we pride ourselves on our ability to see past convention and into what really works for our technical products clients - and we’re proud to have a partner that approaches industrial search the same way.

Colton Stombaugh

Director of Digital Marketing, DeanHouston

what makes scube

We guarantee success

by aligning our compensation with campaign profitability. Only a true partnership can lead to sustainable growth.

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what makes scube

We guarantee success

by aligning our compensation with campaign profitability. Only a true partnership can lead to sustainable growth.

get your game plan