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SCUBE Named a Chicago PPC Industry Leader on Clutch

We understand that for many businesses it can be difficult, even daunting, to digitally position themselves in their industry. With firms fighting it out for the attention of a limited audience with limitless options, it can be hard for firms to feel like their online presence actually matters.

We are proud providers of much needed digital services, using our paid marketing expertise to help firms reach their audiences in meaningful ways and drive conversions.

At the onset of every partnership we form, we strive to combine strategy, analytics, empathy, and genuine understanding of our clients’ needs to deliver the best services possible.

As a result of our hard work and the efficiency of our client-centric process, we have received a much coveted and somewhat familiar accolade. We are excited to share that, for the second year running, we have been featured on Clutch as one of the top five providers of PPC management services in Chicago!

Clutch is a leading resource for firms of all shapes and sizes, using verified ratings and reviews of B2B vendors to help businesses form better partnerships with their service providers.

We were part of a deep dive research effort involving more than 100 of the top digital marketing firms in Chicago, with considerations being made for our marketing presence, quality of work, and most importantly, our client reviews. Our focus is on how we are performing for our clients, as opposed to against our competition, and that is why our client reviews mean so much to us. We maintain a perfect five star rating, thanks to reviews like this,

“They’re smart, responsive, and dedicated to doing top-notch work. When you hire them, you have a first-rate organization working for you.

— Owner, Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch, P.C.

Our status as an industry leader means a great deal to us, but our clients’ praise for us is really what leaves us feeling like winners. This chance to receive verified client reviews helps us gain an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, and we are eager to use them as a means of improvement.

SCUBE rating overview.png

In addition to our status on Clutch, we are featured as one of the top PPC agencies in Chicago on their sister-site, The Manifest. The Manifest is a resource designed to help firms identify and address their weaknesses and challenges, offering insights and how-to guides for dozens of industries.

Our presence on both platforms highlights not only the quality of our work, but our reputation as a trusted digital partner for our clients. And to further demonstrate that quality, we have followed the lead of other top digital marketing agencies and created a profile on Visual Objects, a comparative shopping resource for firms looking to hire service providers.

We are hopeful that our expanded digital presence will help us reach new audiences, and convince people of the importance of their marketing efforts. We are honored to be featured as an industry leader and a top firm on multiple platforms, and we are delighted by what our clients have shared with us.

This was a chance for us to celebrate the quality of our work, but it is also an opportunity for us to share our renewed commitment to quality marketing. We love what we do and who we do it with, and we cannot wait to see what else our clients have for us.

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