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Inbound Marketing for Law Firms: 13 Resources You Must Read

Inbound marketing involves attracting people to your website with high quality relevant content, offering calls to action meeting their needs to convert them to prospects and clients you are directly communicating with.

You need to continually please your clients to get them to bring in friends, family, and acquaintances as future clients and to become repeat clients themselves.

Online referral is the current version of “word of mouth.”

An inbound marketing strategy must also convey your firm’s unique personality rather than presenting it as a generic law firm, no different from all the rest.

Check out a 13 resources to get you started with inbound marketing for law firms:

Getting People To Your Site Through PPC:

Getting People To Your Site Through SEO & Content Marketing:

Converting Website Visitors To Leads:

Review the infographic featured below created by The Whole Brain Group for a detailed overview of inbound marketing.

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