How We Grew Sales 2.5X For a Vanity Mirror Manufacturer in 6 Months

By Using Google Ads & Shopping

A European vanity mirror manufacturer engaged SCUBE to expand their online store sales to the US market through Google Shopping, Search Ads, and Remarketing.

Their previous acquisition efforts using Google Ads did not get the required traction. SCUBE's job was to turn the campaign around.

Within 6 months of the relaunch, the updated Google Ads customer acquisition program improved monthly sales by 2.5x within the same ad budget.

Cost per order decreased by 52% and ROAS increased by almost 3x. During this period, the program has reached a break-even-point for the first time in 2 years.

  • Clear KPIs based on objectives
  • Creation of offers, value proposition, and ad angles
  • Campaign segmentation by buyer's journey stage
  • Seasonal promotion calendar execution
  • Product feed management & optimization
  • Pivotal testing of audiences, offers and ads
  • Keyword and query management

The road to growth was one of the most challenging I've experienced so far. We had to work on several fronts to get the desired result. On one hand, we had to polish the account's structure for it to be the most profitable. However, the site needed major improvements to meet US market expectations, so we had to work closely with the client to implement changes in their mindset and in their website. Fortunately, we were able to power through the challenges and grow revenue while maintaining the same ad spending.

Kestas Slavinkas
Performance Team Manager, SCUBE Marketing

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