Boosting Online Ad ROI from 4x to 15x for LED Display Manufacturer

with Google Ads

A leading LED Digital Display manufacturer approached SCUBE with specific objectives: to increase the number and quality of sales leads generated from their online advertising, and to convert a higher percentage of these leads into sales. Our challenge was to optimize their online advertising budget to ensure maximum customer acquisition. We conducted a thorough analysis of their ad spend distribution, target audience, and strategies to enhance product purchase rates post-ad engagement.

In response, we revamped their advertising approach, focusing on their best-selling products to amplify sales momentum. This involved crafting ad content that highlighted the unique features of their LED screens, setting them apart in the market. Additionally, we refined the entire customer journey from ad click to purchase, implementing strategic changes at various stages to increase the likelihood of converting interest into sales.

Our approach paid off in just eight months. We were able to increase the company's ad budget by 35% because we were using the money more effectively. The number of people interested in their products (leads) went up by 63%. Most importantly, the money they made back from their ads (their return on advertising spend) went from 4 times their ad spend to an impressive 15 times their ad spend.

  • Clear KPIs on objectives
  • Creation of offers, value proposition, and ad angles
  • Campaign segmentation by buyer's journey stage
  • Pivotal testing of audiences, offers, and ads
  • Keyword and query management

SCUBE Marketing was very refreshing to work with on a daily basis and produced great results for us. They looked at our PPC spend, our target customers, how to increase our conversion rates and ROA. They provided an overall strategic look at maximizing the return on our PPC spend. We would highly recommend SCUBE.

William Hall
CEO, Ultravision LED Solutions

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