How We Made Extra $348,000 For A Party Supply Retailer in 12 Months

For A Shopify Plus Party Supply Retailer

A prominent party supply retailer, engaged SCUBE to improve their existing paid advertising program to grow online sales and ROAS for their Shopify Plus site.

They had a few advertising programs in place for their 10,000+ SKU store but were having difficulty profitably scaling the programs.

SCUBE launched a sequential improvement of their paid advertising programs.

  • Improving their Google Shopping, Search, and Remarketing program.
  • Launching a new customer acquisition program on Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Improving their Pinterest Ads prospecting and retargeting strategy and execution.

Within 12 months, paid advertising channel revenue increased by 139% and news customers increased by 101%, while the ROAS improved by 39% and CPA decreased by 15%.

After one year, all improvements generated the client an extra $348,000 after advertising costs.

  • Clear KPIs based on objectives
  • Creation of offers, value proposition, and ad angles
  • Campaign segmentation by buyer's journey stage
  • Seasonal promotion calendar execution
  • Product feed management & optimization
  • Pivotal testing of audiences, offers, and ads
  • Keyword and query management

PPC in e-commerce is a tricky field to navigate. You also have many "PPC" companies who can easily manipulate ROAS numbers to show you what you want to see by massaging the data.

Sam P.
Owner, Party Supply Retailer

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