How We Scaled Revenue for Hoonigan By 78% in 12 Months

By Using Google Search, Shopping & YouTube Ads

Hoonigan, a company behind a motor racing team led by Ken Block and viral videos such as Gymkhana engaged SCUBE to help drive their branded merchandise sales automatically.

We used elements of Google Ads including Shopping, Search, Display, and YouTube Ads to get the job done.

Within 12 months of the launch of the program, we generated reached over seven figures in sales. After 12 more months, we scaled the ad spend by 79% and revenue by 78% while acquiring 53% more customers and maintaining a healthy ROAS.

  • Clear KPIs on objectives
  • Creation of offers, value proposition and ad angles
  • Campaign segmentation by buyer's journey
  • Seasonal promotion calendar execution
  • Product feed management & optimization
  • Pivotal testing of audiences, offers, and ads
  • Keyword and query management

"SCUBE gave us the ability to reach new fans beyond our traditional endemic audiences and bolstered the brands reach with strong results in a short period of time."

Steve Demars
Director of Operations, Hoonigan Industries

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