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Local Mobile Marketing Helps Law Firm Increase Leads By 167%

An Illinois law firm, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, recognized the importance of local mobile marketing, and earlier this year, after investing more in such efforts with targeted AdWords buys, they had increased their lead volume by 167% and reduced the cost of acquiring new clients by 58% with their local mobile marketing campaign.

Few other tactics that lead to success:

  • Adjusted mobile bids based on campaign performance.
  • Removed keywords or adjusted bids where CPL was too high.
  • Added converting keywords that were not being bid on directly based on a Search Term Report analysis.
  • Tested ads with different value propositions determine which produced the highest clickthrough and conversion rates.
  • Optimized schedules to focus more heavily on the best converting hours of the day.

You need to use mobile marketing on the web to get your message to the folks right in your community.

See more detailed version of the case study with the strategy and tactics behind this campaign.

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