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How to Use CallRail to Track Leads Like a Pro

At SCUBE Marketing, we’ve been a fan of how easy CallRail makes it to track phone leads for digital marketing campaigns. Recently, we wrote a blog post for CallRail revealing how their service helped us to increase leads and reduce the cost-per-lead (CPL) by 21 percent for our clients.  

You can check out the full blog here, but if you’re short on time, here is a quick recap from the blog post of 3 things you can do to generate more leads while also lowering your CPL through PPC.

1. Start with Good Tracking

Keeping track of exactly how your leads find you is one of the best ways to learn how well your marketing campaigns and channels are performing. Tracking web form or web chat submissions is fairly straightforward through Google Analytics. But what about when leads pick up the phone and call you? You want to be able to track that data as well. Yes, you could survey callers over the phone. However, people are more distracted than ever and forget things quickly. That’s why we adopted CallRail to help us attribute calls to the proper marketing campaigns.    

2. Establish a Baseline for Your Key Performance Indicators

Using intuition alone to drive your marketing decisions is a costly proposition. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration by letting the data guide you instead. To do that, first you need to establish a baseline so you know whether you’re moving forward or backwards. We use a practice called baselining, where we establish a baseline using data before we started tracking calls, then setting a new baseline after six months of call tracking.

3. Use Your New Data to Yield More Successful Campaigns

Armed with the new baseline data and call tracking system, we can make educated decisions about which steps to take to improve the number and quality of the leads our campaigns generate. See the impressive results of the adjustments we made for one of our clients here.

Having good data is often the difference between the success or failure of your marketing campaigns. When you make decisions based on data, not intuition, you can direct your budget to the channels that deliver the highest return on investment. Read the blog here and comment below to let us know which tip you plan to implement in your campaigns.  

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