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Landing Pages Should Be about More than Just Keyword Optimization

There is no denying the importance of keyword use and distribution throughout your landing pages and other Web content. These keywords are vital to getting your page ranked and found for targeted search queries by the various search engines. However, it is very important that your page be about more than simply stuffing keywords into text.

Keywords Are Important

Using keywords in your landing page content is very beneficial and can increase the traffic flow to your site. If you are not familiar with how it works, here is the 5-second overview:

  • From keyword research, you identify how your prospects search for your product or service
  • You place these keywords in the copy of your landing pages
  • When your prospects search for your product or service, a search engine serves your page in its results because your landing page copy contained relevant keywords

Keyword placement can get your page noticed; however, it is important that the keywords are relevant to the main message of your landing pages. Otherwise, they will confuse the prospects and influence them to leave your page quickly, resulting in lost opportunities.

Keyword Incorporation Should be Seamless

If you are trying to incorporate 20 different keywords into a 500 word document, and use them multiple times to increase their relevance, your copy may seem choppy and repetitive at best and SPAMMY at worst. It is best to choose a smaller number of specific keywords to include and include them seamlessly into the text.

If keyword use is done poorly, it will be apparent to the reader and your landing pages are likely to suffer from high bounce-rates and low conversion-rates. This will eliminate any advantage you may have gained with your search engine rankings.

If some of the keywords you want to include do not make sense within the text, they should probably not be used on that page. Perhaps another landing page with a different topic or focus would be appropriate for those particular keywords.

Keyword Placement Matters

More than quantity, keyword placement matters. Use important keywords in the following areas of your landing pages first:

  • Title
  • Sub-headers
  • First 200 words of the page

If you are having trouble using certain important keywords more than two or three times without sounding repetitive, use synonyms. Google understands the context and the meaning of these words.

Another way to incorporate the use of keywords is by adding them to Alt-tags attached to any images you may be using on your page.

Focus on Being Informative

While keyword optimization can increase traffic flow to your site, that increased traffic will be of no benefit to you unless it also results in an increase in conversions. If your page is focused solely on getting keywords used as frequently as possible, as opposed to presenting useful information to your readers, your conversions will remain stagnant.

Rather than focusing your attention on keyword optimization, the bulk of your efforts should go into producing a page that is informative to your readers. Present a problem your readers may have and then offer solutions. Explain why your business is the one they should turn to, and do it with the voice of authority. This is the best way to gain your readers’ trust and entice them to contact you for more information. A good writer can then integrate your important keywords into the text in a way that is not obvious to readers.

You Do Not Have to Go It Alone

You can skip all these steps and not worry about keyword optimization on your own pages by outsourcing the work to a marketing firm.

When it comes to this type of marketing service, be aware that you get what you pay for. A low-cost provider will not provide you with the full service you are looking for and the return on your investment is not likely to make the costs worth your while.

Make sure the firm has knowledgeable SEO experts, quality writers, and a clear and concise marketing plan tailored to fit your unique business needs. It is also imperative that your marketing firm is able to demonstrate that their efforts are working by presenting you with reports and statistics.

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