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Did you miss these 5 conversion optimization articles last month?

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about changes in website traffic, especially as it pertains to Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update. However, there are two sides to the getting-leads equation: traffic and conversion. While the focus is usually placed on traffic, conversion is an equally important part of your marketing strategy. You don't want your website's lead capture to look like the image on the right.

There were five conversion optimization articles published in October that you shouldn't miss. They are practical and can help you increase your website’s conversion rates.

1. The Anatomy of a High Converting Landing Page

Landing pages are a great tool for communicating your message and prompting visitors to take action. The challenge is in creating landing pages that have a high potential for conversion.

There are eight elements that make up a high-converting landing page. Neil Patel dissects each element in a beautiful and useful infographic.

Full Post by Neil Patel on Quick Sprout

2. 98% of Your Paid Ads Are a Colossal Waste of Money [Video]

Shocking statistic? Oli Gardner offers an interesting take on this problem by identifying the bad practices in which a large number of marketers frequently engage.

There are two pillars that have the ability to make your pay-per-click campaign more successful: attention ratio and message match. Find out how they work.

Full Post by Oli Gardner on Unbounce

3. Buy Now or Click Here – Understanding CTAs

Do you know what a CTA is? CTA stands for Call To Action. CTAs are generally used on company websites to get visitors to take a specific action.

This article outlines three important aspects of successful CTAs, and provides real-world examples. You will want to use them on your own website.

Full Post by Jon Correll on Conversion Voodoo

4. Are You Unknowingly Using Bait-and-Switch Marketing?

The use of “bait and switch” techniques could get you into trouble. There are two common ways you might be unknowingly engaging in this type of marketing ploy.

Find out how to tell if you are using a “bait and switch” method and, if so, how you can eliminate it while still remaining effective.

Full Post by Christina Gillick on The Daily Egg

5. Increase Conversions with Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Warning: This article contains a lot of technical content.

If you know a bit about Facebook advertising, this article will be up your alley. A lookalike audience is a list of Facebook users that have the same characteristics that are common among the people that make up your customer-base.

Why is it important? Because this tool enables you to target your ads toward people who are most likely to have in interest in your products or services, and can therefore increase your conversion rate. This article gives you a step-by-step guide on how to develop an effective lookalike audience.

Full Post by Cassie Oumedian on PPC Hero

Which article provided the most practical information that you are likely to implement before the end of the year? Let me know in the comments below.

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