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Customer Science: How to Win with Facebook Ads on Limited Budget

Customer Science - a video series helping you to scientifically improve your customer experience and e-commerce profits.

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To win with Facebook ads when your budget is limited, focus on campaigns that deliver the highest ROI and reinvest the funds back into the campaign so you can grow it.

To get the initial traction and the highest ROI, I suggest starting with customer-centric campaigns. These campaigns are focused on maximizing the customer lifetime value by selling to your loyal customers first.

Why are we doing this in the first place?

The end goal is to give your customers what they want before they even know it and communicate that in their own words.

Here is the big picture:

  • You segment your database into customers segments based on the customer journey. Then use these segments to create custom audiences in Facebook, so your customers see relevant ads.
  • You research customers by collecting and analyzing their feedback from sources like surveys, 3rd party review sites, helpdesk and live chat software. This helps you to find out what they want.
  • You develop offers by identifying the gaps and opportunities based on your segments and research to give your customers a personalized experience. The value of this comes from using data and research when developing your offers. You are no longer guessing.
  • You create ads and landing pages using customer words from the research to communicate the offers.


One of the big components fueling your customer-centric campaigns is segments.  

Your customer database is a goldmine of useful data. Analyze it and use common data points such as purchase date, product type, or product value to create customer segments.

Map your customers segments based on the customer journey. I'll give you some examples:

  • Recent customers
  • First-time customers
  • Repeat customers
  • High-value customers

The segments give you context about the relationship between your customers and your business.

Then upload them to Facebook and to create custom audiences. Facebook will take email addresses, phone numbers and Facebook IDs. Custom audiences will help you to target your ads to the people that matched your uploaded list to Facebook's database.

That’s how you handle customer segments.

To get even more detailed explanation, read our article How to Win With Facebook Ads When You Don’t Have a Big Ad Budget.

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