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Content Marketing Guide for “Boring” Industries (Bankruptcy & Roofing Examples Included)

Let me start off by saying, there is really no such thing as a boring industry. It’s all a matter of perception.

“No matter what the subject matter, there are going to be people out there who find it fascinating and important.

— Meg Stefanac

While you may not be interested in how bankruptcy law works, someone who is in a financial crisis might. Similarly, while you might have a keen interest in determining whether or not your roof needs professional attention, apartment dwellers would find roofing articles dull.

There is an audience for all types of content and your writers need to be able to engage them with interesting articles.

Creating interesting content is tough, for this reason we prepared a guide that will help you create interesting content in any industry.

Understand Your Intended Audience

The articles that your writers are producing are going to be sought out by potential clients through online searches for specific keywords (SEO or PPC).

Your writers should have a keen understanding of what drives these people.

They need to get inside their heads and determine reasons why they might find the subject matter interesting. Usually, it is because they are looking for solutions to problems, which brings us to our second tip…

Address Specific Problems and Solutions

Your content needs to provide answers to questions that are relevant to your target audience.

Bankruptcy Law Firm Example
For example, if you run a law firm that focuses on bankruptcy law, one question that potential clients may have is “What type of bankruptcy should I file for?” An article that focuses on the different types of bankruptcy and explains who makes a good candidate for each would provide this answer.

Think of all the different types of problems or questions that your target audience may have and write a different article addressing each one. That way, when people land on your page, they will be able to find the answers they are seeking quickly, without having to wade through a lot of other information.

The faster you can provide them with their answer, the more likely they are to explore your site further or contact you for more information.

Give Interesting Examples

If you can find topical news stories or anecdotes that are relevant to your business model, you may be able to capture your readers’ attention easier.

By finding and showcasing real world examples of others who are facing the same problems as your readers, you can offer them a bit of comfort as they realize that they are not alone, that others have experienced similar problems and that help is available.

Bankruptcy Law Firm Example
Returning to the example of the bankruptcy law firm, some potential clients may feel embarrassed about their financial situations. By showcasing news stories that highlight the high numbers of people in financial distress, or writing about how one person turned his or her life around after filing for bankruptcy, you can give your readers peace-of-mind.

This will lead to more trust in you and they are more likely to contact you for help.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, people find themselves in unusual situations and may have no idea how to best proceed. If these are situations that can be handled by your business, why not write an article about each of them?

When you think outside the box, you may end up creating content that is so unique that it ranks very high in search results with very little effort. Granted, the number of people searching for this content will be low, but given the lack of competition for their attention.

Roofing Contractor Example
One example is a situation where someone notices that a tree has started to grow on his or her roof. This actually can happen! If you own a roofing company and write an article about this type of situation, a geo-specific search may lead this person right to your Website.

Try to think of a number of unique problems faced by clients of your industry and present solutions that can be handled by your company in interesting, engaging content.

Let the Subject Matter Be Your Guide

There really is no one-size-fits-all solution for creating interesting content. There are a number of different industries supplying a number of different products and services.

Allow your writers to exercise some creativity and see what they come up with.

Have writers on your staff coming up with  innovative ways to create interesting content? Tell us about it in the comments.

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