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4 Articles That Will Improve Your E-Commerce AdWords Campaigns

Pay-per-click, frequently referred to as PPC, is a great way to attract qualified traffic to your website. The challenge is that it PPC world changes so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. We've selected the articles that directly affect your PPC campaigns and help you to improve them.

1. Google Has Changed the Way It Calculates Your Quality Score

Your Google quality score is a rating that is used to determine how relevant an ad is in relation to words used in a person’s search query. The score is very important as it can affect the cost-per-click of ads in a keyword auction, your keyword’s top page bid estimate and your ad position. The better your Google Quality Score, the higher your ad will appear in a search result.

With this in mind, many advertisers and corporate website owners are wondering how Google’s new way of calculating quality scores, which went into effect in August of this year, will affect their rating and their bottom line. The following article sees these changes in an optimistic light.

Full Post by Kohki Yamaguchi on Search Engine Land

2. How to Avoid Google’s AdWords Policy Violations

Google AdWords is a highly-effective advertising product. However, it has string advertising policies. If you violate these policies your ads could stop, resulting in no traffic coming from AdWords.

The following article comes to you from Google and explains in detail about how you can prevent AdWords violations from causing your advertisements from being blocked. It also explains what to do if you receive notice of a violation so that the problem can be resolved quickly and easily. This is very important information for anyone who has an AdWords account at Google.

Full Post by Sudhir Jha on Inside Adwords

3. Increase Your Customer Base by Using Google Maps

Google Maps is quickly becoming the go-to tool for people everywhere. Billions of people use this effective application to find conveniently-located businesses near their homes as well as while they are on the road.

Now you can take advantage of Google’s amazing customer reach by including your ad in relevant searches. This way, if a Google Maps user is searching for a business similar to yours while in a geographic location close by, they will be able to see your ad and receive more information about your business as well as directions on how to get there.

If you wish to reach more prospects through Google Maps, the following article provides great detail on how to do it.

Full Post by Salahuddin Choudhary on Inside Adwords

4. Is Pay-per-Click Still A Good Idea for Your Business?

If you are currently using pay-per-click for your online marketing, you will find this article interesting. Jeff Allen, an internationally recognized marketing expert, explains how to determine if PPC is still right for your business.

Jeff Argues that in some cases, switching to conversion rate optimization may be the better strategy for your company. Read on to learn more.

Full Post by Jeff Allen on PPC Hero

What are you going to implement to improve your PPC campaigns? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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