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3 Horrible Landing Page Habits That Will Result Into Your Downfall (Guaranteed)

How to lose friends and not influence people. The landing or opening page on your website can be one of your biggest assets. Or, if you are feeling particularly masochistic, there are a few simple bad habits guaranteed to drive even the most interested of prospects away.

  • Habit #1. Self-importance
  • Habit #2. Impatience
  • Habit #3. Coyness

For example, try to come off as a pompous self-important person or business.

People just LOVE being told how lucky they are that you even give them the time of day and being reminded just how insignificant their tiny meager wretched existences are by comparison!

Office Space (via Giphy)

And above all,  do not be direct and clear with your message! Make them struggle to figure it out through the maze of your clever albeit confusing verbiage.

Need more tips on how to turn your landing page into your downfall?  See this article by D Bnonn Tennant.

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